January 16, 2012

dresden plates

Here are only some of my finished dresden plates.  All the Bliss ones have been completed and I'm taking a break from working on the Ruby ones.  In case you're wondering, I got 12 complete plates with some leftover petals from 2 charm packs.

stack of completed plates

so pretty!

I'm really excited to see this come together!  The hard part is trying to find a suitable color for the background that matches both Bliss and Ruby, right now I'm kinda leaning toward Kona Bone, but still unsure of it since it's an off white and Bliss and Ruby have stark whites.  I'm going to stop at a mega JoAnn later today to try and find a match.


  1. I am bitten by the Dresden bug too....have you checked out Bunnyhill blog. She is having a SAL. Such fun and great motivation!!! I am using a blog win ( Pam Kitty Morning) fabric and it is just joyous. Will be fun to see how you complete your blocks.

  2. Wow love them & the colors u picked!!

  3. I am not familiar with the fabrics that you are using but perhaps a pale green would work? I used to always use a white or cream fabric as a background but lately I have been using very pale shades of a color and find that I like it alot.

    I think the difference is that the contrast between the applique and the background is not as stark as when using a "traditional" background color.

  4. Why don't you try a pale shade of gray. I find it difficult trying to fine the right shade of tan/taupe/cream.


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