January 6, 2012

UFO Challenge Week 1

It's the first official week of the UFO challenge!  How'd you do?  I've been working on my Dresden Plate and discovered that my math was off and I ended up having to cut 2 more charm packs to get my required # of blocks.  Whoops.  So it's now Bliss and Ruby!  Should be cute right??  

The box on the right is the Bliss.  Currently they're stitched into groups of 4 wedges, Ruby wedges are on the left and currently just single wedges.  I managed to cut, stitch, flip, and press all those Ruby wedges in one day, took me MONTHS (no joke) to do the Bliss wedges.  My goal for next week is to have the plates completed.  

I did have one question come up with regards to finishes.  If you finish a top one month and finish quilting it another month does that count as one finish or two?  I'm going to count that as TWO finishes!  Good luck to all participating!  Be sure to link up your progress and grab the button code in the right side bar!

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  1. Audrey! Your plates are going to be beautiful! I made a dresden plate quilt a couple years back, and this part of the process was definitely the most tedious - soldier on and keep up the momentum! Have you decided what color to use for the center circle yet?


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