January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012!

Happy New Year everyone!  

I'm not going to make any resolutions this year because I never keep them.  From my 2011 list I only managed to get 3 out of the 11 things done I had listed.  Better than nothing I suppose!  And my 8 finishes?  Uh, yea, only managed 2.  

I just want 2012 to be the best it can be.  2011 wasn't terrible to me but it went by entirely too fast.  One of my last accomplishments of 2011, which is also one I'm very proud of, is that I became a preceptor at work.  This means I get to work one on one with paramedics new to the system and essentially give them the green light (or red light) to be in the system.  It's mainly fresh out of school medics so I get to throw a bit of teaching in there which I love.  Here's hoping I can keep climbing the ladder!  

One thing I've been wanting to do lately is to have a project I can bring to work to work on.  I have started a crocheted granny square afghan.  I chose red, pink, green, turquoise, and white to work with, it's a TV project, I work on it while watching TV or a movie.  No rush to get that one done, it's just a busy handwork project.  I thought about bringing that to work but it would mean bringing at least 3 skeins of yarn, no bueno!  So, I ordered a Dear Jane book.  I also joined a DJ BOM from Twiddletails.  Two-hundred twenty five patterns.  If I can get one done each shift it'll take me 75 shifts to finish it.  Now, the BOM club is 23 months, starts in February, so obviously I won't be getting all my fabric at once, it'll be 2014 before it's even close to completion.  So, that'll mean even on a busy, run like crazy day, I'll still have other days to finish it.  I'm not counting this as a UFO since I haven't started it yet and because I haven't given up on it, yet.  I'll be adding the DJ chart to my blog soon so you can see my progress.  

On the DJ note, I'm also becoming very, very interested in working on more time consuming quilts rather than quick finishes.  And something totally unlike me, I'd love to do a Mariner's Compass in Batiks.  Yes, I said Batiks!  I guess that's my 2012 goal, step outside the box.  You know what?  I kinda like that!  

In preparation for my UFO challenge I've listed the UFOs I want to finish in my sidebar.  Hopefully I'll get to cross them off one by one this year, that would be SO exciting!  There is one listed in my sidebar I'm ready to trade away.  It would even include the backing and binding.  Still thinking about that.  I'd love to have you join up so you can share your progress!


  1. Dear Jane is a fabulous project. I've loved every minute of making mine. Fun!!! :)

    Happy new year!


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