January 25, 2012

things i need to get better about

Taking pictures for the blog!

My internet and cable were out all weekend (thanks to a certain asshole new neighbor who decided to unhook my line and plug his in, in the box outside) and my dresden plates are done, you'd think I would've taken a picture right?  Nope.  Still trying to decide on the background fabric, I think I've decided on a super pale grey, now, just to find the right one!  I just don't want the pale grey to absorb the grey in the Ruby plates.  I auditioned Kona Tarragon, great for Bliss, terrible for Ruby, a butter yellow quilters solid from JoAnn, ick on both Ruby and Bliss, decided against pink for Ruby and Tarragon for Bliss, to me it looked like a nauseous mess.  Kona Bone, too beige, Kona White, may still have a chance, as much as I want to get away from using white or cream as a solid I think it may be perfect for this project.  Going to order some 1/2 yards of grey's from Kona and see how it goes.  

Also, I've noticed pretty much ZERO interest in my UFO challenge, but I've also seen quite a few others out there in bloggy land, I'll still be posting on mine to hold myself accountable for the massive pile of WIPs but I'm going to introduce a new WIP at the beginning of the month I want to tackle, post a couple updates during the month and show you how things ended up at the end of the month for that particular WIP.  

I've been wanting to show you a project I finished sometime at the end of last year but I'm waiting for a good day to get outside and take photos of it, winter in Chicago doesn't always cooperate!  


  1. I've been working on a UFO for your challenge but I haven't been able to upload my pictures because the lap top is being goofy --- and I don't know how to upload from my iTouch (if that is even possible).

    Looking forward to seeing what else you are working on.

  2. I need to get better about blogging in general! I've been slacking from that (but I'm in school full time and working full time, so it was the easiest thing to cut out..for now) I only have 1 class this semester and next so I should be able to sew and blog more...then I'll be up for your UFO challenge! I even got one of my charity quilts bound last weekend - no pictures yet though....

    Can't wait to see your plates and other projects! I'm too much of a chicken to even attempt the dresdens yet.


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