February 1, 2010


after today's disaster quilting my daughters quilt and just being frustrated every damn time i use my machine i can definitely say that i've outgrown it. it doesn't do the things i'd like (drop feed dogs), or have features i want (large spool holder), or have the consistency that i want. the harp is small. the presser foot bounces all over even when it's tightly attached, stitches are uneven on any given day. the only bobbins that work in it are the ones that came with it. even the singer brand sold at walmart don't work. they're slightly shorter than the bobbin casing and this causes the thread to pop out and make nasty nests on whatever i'm sewing.

it's easy to thread, easy to clean, easy to oil, easy to sew on, but i just feel very confined by this machine. my daughter has been begging for a sewing machine so i think it's time to invest in a new one and pass this one on to her, it's a perfect beginner machine.

my mom gave me this machine for Christmas one year, i've made many baby gifts, stuff for my own kids, even pieced together 5 tops, 4 of which were quilted on this machine, a shower curtain, scrubs for me, and a bunch of other stuff.

so singer 1120, it's been a good ride, but it's time to retire you.

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  1. I had a basic Kenmore my friend gave me when I started sewing, I used it for over 5 years constantly and finally bought myself a nice machine a little over a year ago. I will never go back! :D


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