January 21, 2010

charity quilt done and sent!

I finished the quilt! It has been shipped off and hopefully will make some little girl very happy! I stippled the entire thing and used 6 bobbins total! They asked that be heavily quilted so I think I did that pretty well :)

I named it Dreams Come True because of all the fairies and it just seemed to have a magical type vibe to it. So, there it is, my first finish for 2010! My goal is to finish 10 this year. We'll see how that goes :)


  1. congrats on such an early finish to your first quilt - and for charity no less! Found your blog through CMQG - glad to check in!

  2. Just found your site. I Love this quilt and love your choice of colors. I think that is one of the hardest things for me is deciding on a color combination. Keep up your awesome work.


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