January 16, 2010

new goodies to play with!

So, yea, um, I went kinda click happy and bought a bunch of fabric.

figgy pudding, blush, alexander henry, some joanns stuff, and I also have a hushabye layer cake and blush charm pack on the way. um, yea. kinda went shopping, but just a little.

I got free shipping on the figgy pudding jelly roll, free shipping on the blush jelly roll plus it was only $26.50(!), free shipping on the blush charm pack, and the stuff at joanns was all on clearance. yea, I'm justifyin' it all :p

What started the buying frenzy? Well, I had wanted the figgy pudding for a LONG time and now that it's becoming scarce I decided it was time to pounce. Got a jelly roll, a turnover, 2 yards of the green damask, and 1 yard of the white peppermints. I'm planning on using the Strippin' Time pattern from Green Fairy Quilts.

The blush you ask? Well, yea that's just because it's awesome and I <3 basic grey! I'm a huge fan of their scrapbooking paper so it's only natural I'd adore their fabric. Plus $26.50, with FREE shipping?! Um, ok!

Ah, yes Hushabye. Love that one too. I joined Rachel's Pinwheel Sampler Quilt Along and it called for a layer cake, I saw it and immediately thought Hushabye. So, I bought one the last ones floating around on Etsy. Should be here early next week!

The Joann's stuff was just plain on sale. 50cents for fat quarters, and that awesome little roll of brown goodness? That's binding, yup, 12 yards of 2.5 inch binding. For $3.97. Yep, in my cart, plus it goes very well with the figgy pudding and blush.

In other news, I finished up all my blocks for the modern siggy swap over there in my sidebar, I've started piecing the blocks from the scrappy christmas block swap hosted by modernjax over the summer, and I played around with making some string blocks.


  1. So fun! I particularly love the pink and green and binding from Joannes

  2. I made so many quilts with Figgy Pudding and I still love it!


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