January 1, 2010

welcome 2010!

I'm so happy to leave 2009 in the dust! It was a very rough year to say the least.

2009 in review:
January I started the EMT-B course, it launched me into a career that has always intrigued me.
February saw a major home improvement project that I actually don't like when I thought I would. A good $1000 wasted. We also lost my grandfather on Feb 5th, he is still greatly missed :(
March I had my first wicked strep throat of 3.
April saw strep throat #2 which almost landed me in the hospital and the end of my EMT-B clinicals. My puppy also turned ONE this month!
May saw strep throat #3, thankfully it was caught early and not nearly as wretched as the first two.
June was exciting, I turned 25, became a licensed EMT-B, and I applied for Paramedic school, I also
July left me feeling a little melancholy. I got into Paramedic school, my daughter turned 6, and I sold all my camera equipment to put down my tuition deposit. I cried the day I mailed everything away to their new homes. My best friend from high school also gave birth to her first baby after struggling with PCOS.
August began a whirlwind 4 months. On the 10th I started school which left me away from home more weekends than not getting all my clinical hours in. I also finished my very first quilt!
September was eerily quiet, not much going on.
October saw me at the firehouse every weekend getting my calls in. Also saw 3 very cute little monsters all dressed up for Halloween, all 3 of them had very good hauls for candy!
November saw my sweet baby boy turn 2! The holiday season came in full speed and left me in the dust! This was also the month my hard drive took a dump.
December came and went in a hurry. I got all my midterm requirements for clinicals done in time, I paid off my tuition (HOORAY!!), I passed my cardiac test, got my first intubation in the OR, and really impressed my instructor with my competency binders. My mom turned 50 as well!

2009 had some great happenings however I'm ready for 2010. I plan on making some major life changes this year, ones that see me around different faces and in different places. So, here's to a year of changes, FOR THE BETTER!


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