January 3, 2010


I finally got my butt in gear and bought the fabric to finish the elusive quilts I had planned on getting done for Christmas gifts. Arcadia is becoming VERY hard to find and by the time I got around to buying the backing fabric I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so this is what I ended up with:

The backing:

And the binding:

I did try to look for solids that would match but Arcadia is VERY hard to match :/

For my daughter's quilt I plan on heading to Joann's to try and find a solid that will match, I pieced a strip of charms to go on the back so I don't want anything busy for the back, a solid bright pink is sounding pretty good to me!

And as always, both will be batted with Warm and Natural/White, haven't decided if I wanted to do natural on my daughters quilt yet, I think White might be best.

So I have 2.5 yards of the backing coming, 1 yard of binding, and already have the yard of binding needed for my daughters quilt but anticipate getting another 2 yards to back hers.

WAHOO!!! QUILTING HERE I COME!!! Oh, and I bought myself a new rotary cutter, the blade would pop back up on my old one with very little pressure. I got a different style this time, let's hope it works for me!

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  1. I love it! They may not be exactly what you wanted, but they are gorgeous! The blue and brown fabric would go perfectly in my house :-)

    And I'm really glad to see you back and blogging. I hope everything is going well for you!


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