May 28, 2010

bad blogger!

I've been MIA for the last few days because life suddenly got crazy! I now have 3 feline friends, all of which came to live with me on the same day. Two of them are a brother/sister duo that came from my Gramma Kay's. She passed away Christmas morning and left behind five fur babies, 3 of which were persians and found homes right away. These two were facing shelter life and being 13 years old and inseparable they would probably be put down. And since I have SUCKER written in bold print on my forehead I took them in despite wretched allergies to kitties. The third kitty is a kitten that came from a neighbors litter.

So that's what is happening at my house! I'll be back to quilty blogging shortly, I promise!


  1. That word on your forehead is not sucker, it is COMPASSIONATE!

    You're a great Mom, to all species!!

  2. Kitties are super-hard to resist! :)


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