May 6, 2010

judging interest

I loved the pinwheel sampler quilt along. I'd love to know if any of you wonderful blog readers would be interested in a Pickles & Bacon quilt along?? Still trying to figure out what exactly the quilt will be, I loved the sampler style of the pinwheel and since that went to my mom maybe we can do a star sampler? Or maybe just a garden variety of popular style blocks? Have a suggestion? Let me know!


  1. I love my pinwheel sampler and would love a different sampler. I also did the Modify Tradition sampler which was different traditional blocks. I think I would like a star sampler. I am a little scared of stars they seem difficult. That or a square in square sampler.

  2. I think a star sampler sounds like fun! I guess I should finish my pinwheel quilt first though! :-)

  3. I love quilt alongs! I have quite a few things going on, but it does sound like fun if we do one block for every few weeks or once a week.

    I am doing a sampler quilt along as well :D But they are just random blocks.

    I like the idea of star blocks mostly because I like stars. But anything that can be done in many different varietions so we all can learn more. What about flying geese???

    Regardless I will stayed tuned!

  4. Yes, that would be so fun! I love star quilts, so that would be great! But really, I'm up for anything.

  5. Yes - I would love it if you did a quilt along. Stars would be great as well!!! But I am good with anything!

  6. I would love to join your quilt along!!


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